Low Energy Bulbs Reduce Power Costs

Save Money using Compact Lamps

Low Energy BulbsThe Compact D/E 4 pin low energy bulbs are just one of the CFLs that are available as replacement lamps. They are part of a range of compact fluorescent bulbs that will save energy and money.

That is just two of the reasons they are used in commercial lighting installations for illuminating stairways and corridors. They are also small so will easily fit into round or rectangular lights that have G24q lamp holders.

Below is a list of the manufacturers of the Compact D/E along with other relevant details. These lamps are available from all the well-known brands and for cross reference purposes they are Osram Dulux D/E, Radium Ralux D/E, GE Biax D/E, Philips PLC 4 Pin and Sylvania Lynx D/E.

This article in a local newspaper offers advice on how to save money using energy efficient light bulbs. There are also tips on other ways of conserving energy and the best methods of paying your electricity bills.

Available in Three Colours

Low Energy BulbsThe Compact D/E is available in 10W, 13W, 18W and 26W in four slightly different lengths. But please remember, you must always replace lamps with the same wattage as the one you have taken out.

One of the many advantages of compact bulbs over incandescent bulbs is the colour of the light they emit. As we all know the GLS incandescent household bulbs were only available in a yellowish warm white colour.

The low energy range present a far better selection to match a building’s interior furnishings. These colours include 840 (cool white), 830 (warm white) and 827 (extra warm white).

Long Life Lamps Reduces Labour Costs

In commercial properties, it is not uncommon for these lamps to be left on for long periods of time. During Autumn and Winter, they are often left on all day and sometimes all night.

Because of the approximate 10,000-hour life expectancy, this is a perfectly acceptable practice when necessary. The long life allows for long operating periods, the long life means the bulb will need to be changed far less frequently.

If you have to regularly change standard bulbs it can be labour intensive and therefore expensive. You can see the full range of low energy long life bulbs that we keep in stock.

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