How To Make A Bird Table With Hanging Bird Feeders

Installing The Old Bird Table In The New Garden

Making Wooden Bird Tables For Your GardenIf you would like to know how to make a bird table with a range of hanging bird feeders you’re in luck. Last week I decided to dig a hole and erect mine in the new garden. But first, I thought I would look it over to see if any repairs were needed.

I could see straight away there was a small amount of water damage to the edges of the two bird platforms. It quickly became obvious that some patching-up and extra protection was needed. I decided to pin beading around the edges of each table and hopefully stop more water getting in.

After installing the table and fixing the beading, I quickly followed up with two very thick coats of dark oak wood preservative. Within an hour it was dry and ready to load up with water, seeds, nuts and fruit.

Why Have A Bird Table

Build A Bird Table With Bird Feeders BarIf you are remotely interested in wildlife you will find having a bird table the most amazing experience. Slowly but surely you will find that more and more birds are attracted to your garden.

You will probably begin to notice birds you have never seen before. They will come in all sizes and some will have feathers and plumage in the most beautiful of colours.

And, if you like squirrels, you will find nothing attracts them more than a bird table packed with nuts and seeds. If you do not, squirrel proof bird feeders can be used to stop them stealing nearly all the bird seed.

What Type Of Birds Will Be Attracted To My Bird Table

Bird Table Plans Put Into ActionThe species of birds that visit your garden will, of course, depend on which country you reside. It will also depend on whether you live in a town or a rural location.

Because I live in the English countryside, I have a long list of birds that land on my table. Some of these include robin, starling, blackbird, thrush, blue tit, coal tit and goldfinch.

There are also some bigger birds like dove, jackdaw and woodpigeon who seem to eat an awful lot of food. However, during the cold months of winter when food is hard to find, I tend to pretend I haven’t noticed.

Where To Position Your Bird Table

Large Bird Table For Multiple FeedersWhere you put your bird table is something that will need careful consideration. Once, I made the mistake of positioning this bird feeding station in the middle of the lawn.

I could not work out why the birds would land, pick up a seed and then quickly fly off. I fully expected them to stick around to eat and drink all the great treats I had put out for them.

I then read an article advising that a bird table should be positioned close to or under a tree. The reason for that was – avian predators like the buzzard, goshawk and sparrowhawk. It’s worth remembering, songbirds in the open make easy targets for birds of prey.

Where you put your bird table will make a big difference to the number of birds that will happily pay you a visit. It will be out of the way under a tree and provide better protection for the birds. If you were so inclined, you could even light it up and turn it into a garden feature.

Food You Can Feed To Garden Birds

Bird Tables With Wild Bird Feeders BarThere is almost no end to the types of food you can put out for garden birds. It can be bird feed from your local pet store or leftovers from your dining room table.

Pet shop food can be served in hanging bird feeders, dishes or sprinkled over the bird table. Some favorites are peanuts, sunflower seeds, mealworms or cakes made from suet with added ingredients.

The remains from your breakfast, lunch or evening meal will also be readily eaten. Preferred household scraps include potatoes, rice, pastry, apples, pears, raisins, sultanas and mild grated cheese. One good tip is to include water on your bird table as it will attract up to 50% more birds.

The Materials Used To Make These Wooden Bird Tables

Bird Feeding Station Under TreeIf you would like to know how to make a bird table, below you will find my large bird table plans and a list of materials. Bird table designs are best kept simple and these large bird table plans and pictures are very easy to follow. Not only are these wooden bird tables of a very practical design they are also incredibly easy to make.

The lower shelf can be used for dishes of food that are protected from rain by the shelf above. The top shelf is perfect for a large saucer of water that the birds can drink and use as a bird bath. To build a bird table is one of the easiest garden projects you can undertake.

The materials are –

a) One 2 metres x 50mm x 50mm post (2yds x 2in x 2in).
b) One 40mm x 40mm x 12mm (16in x 16in x 1/2in) top table plywood.
c) One 38mm x 38mm x 12mm (15in x 15in x 1/2in) bottom table plywood.
d) 4 metres (4yds) beading 12mm x 3mm (1/2in x 1/8in) for table edging.
e) Batten to make crowns under tables and crossbar for hanging bird feeders.
f) Assortment of pins, screws and eyed hooks.
g) Dark oak wood preservative.
h) A few other bibs and bobs too tiny to mention here.
i) If I have missed anything please let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page!

NOTE: The top table must be slightly larger than the lower table. When it rains, water will build up on the top level and start to drip over the edge. If the top and bottom table are the same size the drips will clip the edge of the bottom table and gradually cause water damage.

The Best Time To Start A Bird Table

Elizabeth Making Bird Tables Look NewThere is no doubt that some months are easier than others when it comes to attracting wild birds to garden bird tables. During the warmer months of the year, there is normally plenty of natural food available. Lots of bugs, grubs, spiders and flies as well as a wide range of fruits and berries.

So, in the summer it’s no surprise that wild birds are not swarming around my free offerings. However, by feeding small amounts in warm weather you will get the birds comfortable with using your table. Wild bird feeders are perfect at dispensing a few seeds at a time.

By offering small quantities it will ensure there is no waste and no leftovers to clear away. Then, as it gets colder, increase the amount of feed until each day’s rations are fully consumed. This way you will find out exactly what you need to put out each day, then gradually cut back in the spring.

Is There A Down Side To Having A Bird Table

Bird Tables With Squirrel Proof Bird FeedersThere are a few drawbacks to having a bird table so you may want to consider them first. Some birds, especially the bigger ones can be very messy eaters. They jab, peck and flick the food, which sends some of it flying off the table onto the floor.

Some people claim this attracts rats but I have never seen any evidence of that. I find any food that ends up on the ground, usually get eaten by birds that don’t particularly like eating from bird tables.

Another thing you may want to consider is that cleaning the table and feeding the birds takes time. It’s something that needs to be done once a day and sometimes twice if you have snow on the ground. If it has been snowing, natural food becomes scarce so you could end up becoming very popular with the birds in your garden.

How To Keep Your Bird Table Clean

Bird Table With Hanging Bird FeedersWhen a lot of birds use the same table for eating and drinking there is a high risk they will pass on diseases. Many of these infections come from bird droppings on the table and in the drinking water.

It’s a good idea to clean the table, hanging bird feeders, food and water dishes regularly. A decorators’ scraper makes a good tool for cleaning droppings off the table.

Then, the table and dispensers can be washed with a mixture of 95% hot water and 5% disinfectant. For protection always wear rubber gloves and clean everything outside in the back yard. Afterward, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly in hot soapy water.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to your questions and comments below!

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