Choosing Electric Heaters for the Home

Creda Newera PlusI often get asked which are the best electric heaters to use in the home or at work in the office. There are a number of choices so there are a few things to think about before deciding.

The first thing you will want to consider is whether or not to have a fixed or portable model. To help you, I have listed below some of the Dimplex and Creda range available as well as the various benefits they provide.

There are many types of electric heaters and this article will enable you to find one suitable for the room you wish to heat. Each model usually comes with various heat outputs for heating different sized rooms.

All of the heaters are affordable and reliable and will usually last for many years. They are popular in the home and the office because most can be placed in any room and simply plugged into a wall socket. They are also convenient for heating a single room when the main heating system is turned off.

Fan heaters and panel convector heaters are commonplace but there are others that may be more suited to your needs. The wall mounted radiant fires are a good choice for waiting rooms and reception areas.

There are also high-level wall mounted fan heaters that can be used in bathrooms, kitchens or garages.

Wall fixed heaters cannot be knocked over so are perfect for areas where there are pets or where children play. However, great care should always be taken with heaters that have open grills and exposed elements.

Some, like the skirting heaters have been designed for useDimplex Wall Fire where there is limited space available. Because of their streamline design they will fit perfectly into places that other heaters will not.

The tubular heater is one of the smallest and there are no end of applications in which it can be used. Some popular uses are heating greenhouses or preventing water tanks freezing in cold lofts.

They can also be fixed in the bottom of airing cupboards to warm clothing, sheets and towels.

Oil filled panel radiators can be slow to heat a room as there is no convected heat. However, once the room is sufficiently warm, by adjusting the thermostat they are very effective as background heaters.

Oil filled panel radiators can be used free standing or mounted on the wall. They come with both feet and wall brackets so you have the choice of how they should be used.

Kitchens can sometimes be small and with so many storage units there is often no room for wall heaters. In this situation a plinth heater cut into the base of a kitchen unit may provide the solution.

Conservatories and greenhouses will usually need heating during the colder months of the year. And, some of the heaters previously mentioned may be suitable, if not there are a range of utility heaters available.

Kitchen Plinth HeaterOn the outside, whether at home on the patio or in commercial environments, infrared quartz heaters perform well. They work in much the same way as the sun, heating objects that are directly in the path of its rays.

Unlike other heaters, the heat cannot be blown away by the wind no matter how hard it blows. When they are positioned correctly they are able to cover areas both large and small depending on the output of the heater.

Here is a list from KKTV 11 News on steps you can take to keep warm and safe this winter. There are recommendations for heaters and how best to use them as well as safety checks you should make.

I hope this will give you an idea of what heaters are available and how they can be used. We have all these electric heaters on our website along with the technical details and additional information. Please feel free to visit the site and contact us if you require any further information.

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Electric Heating for the Home and Office

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