Wylex 45A and 60A Switch Fuse Insulated Plastic

Wylex 104 45A Switch Fuse
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NOTE: Wylex 160C - Sold, Wylex 104 - 6 Available.

The Wylex 104 (45A rated) insulated switch fuse. The fuse and carrier is included in the price but must be ordered separately from the ''Select Cartridge Fuse'' window above. There are 5A, 15A and 20A cartridge fuses and your choice will depend on the circuit to be protected.

The Wylex 160C 60A insulated switch fuse comes complete with 60A cartridge fuse and carrier. Manufactured in impact resistant plastic it can be used in both commercial and domestic applications.

NOTE: When ordering the Wylex 160C choose ''fuse and carrier not required'' from the Select Cartridge Fuse window as a 60A fuse has already been fitted.

Wylex 104 - W98mm x H121mm x D68mm
Wylex 160C - W143mm x H178mm x D98mm


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