Wylex 45A, 60A and 100A Switch Fuse Metal Clad

Wylex 160CM Switch Fuse Metal Clad
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NOTE: Wylex 106 - Sold, Wylex 160CM - Sold, Wylex 110M - 1 Available.

The Wylex 106 45A switch fuse in metal clad includes fuse and fuse carrier. The fuse can be selected in 5A, 15A and 20A from the ''Select Cartridge Fuse'' drop down window. Depending on the fuse they can be used to protect a wide range of circuits.

The Wylex 160CM 60A switch fuse in metal clad has a 60A cartridge fuse fitted within the carrier. They are ideal for use with sub-main cable and can be mounted onto trunking if required.

The Wylex 110M 100A switch fuse is manufactured in metal clad and includes a 100A fuse and carrier. They are generally used in electrical intake applications to distribute sub-main cables around buildings.

NOTE: If ordering the Wylex 160CM or 110M choose ''fuse and carrier not required'' in the Select Cartridge Fuse drop down window as fuses have been pre-fitted.

Wylex 106 - W112 x H131 x D80mm
Wylex 160CM - W172 x H242 x D98mm
Wylex 110M - W178 x H305 x D76mm


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