Triton T100xr Electric Showers

Triton T100xr Shower
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The Triton T100xr Electric Showers have their own start and stop button. This allows the user to leave the flow/temperature settings in place so every shower is the same. The settings can be changed if required using the soft touch buttons. Temperature is finely adjusted using the rotary control knob. When showering is finished a phased shutdown will operate removing any hot water left in the shower. This is helpful if it is going to be used again shortly afterwards by other members of the family.

NOTE: Installation should only be carried out by a qualified electrician or similar trademan and the details below are for guidance only.

Triton SP1008XR: 8.5kW - MCB/RCBO 40A - Cable 6mm (preferably 10mm).
Triton SP1009XR: 9.5kW - MCB/RCBO 45A - Cable 10mm.
Water: Cold mains pressure.
Switch: 45 Amp DP + neon light.
Finish: White/Satin.
Dimensions: H309 x W212 x D95mm.

INSTALLATION: As manufacturers instructions.

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