Tool Cabinet

The Type Of Tools We Keep

The tools in our tool cabinet have all been chosen because they are robust and dependable and for their excellent design. We stock tools that are related to our industry and also those for general building and maintenance work. There are many different tools available and we have tried to include all the ones most suited to the needs of our customers. They have all been economically priced making them affordable for everyone from the professional to the DIY enthusiast.

Because we are electrical wholesalers we naturally keep tools for electricians. This includes a 10,000V range of hand tools like snips and pliers and other insulated cutters and grips. This type of tool offers protection to the user and is essential if you are an electrician. Not all tools need to be protected like this but they do need to be of good quality to carry out work effectively. (continued below)

Other popular tools include spanners which we sell individually and in sets. Small neon screwdrivers right up to large insulated screwdrivers with a mixture of slotted and pozi heads. Utility knives and blades for cutting and stripping cable. Hammers and chisels for cutting wood, brickwork and lifting floorboards. Finally a mixture of tools for making good, flicking lines and punching holes etc.

Toolboxes, Siteboxes and Workshop Boxes

Everyone has tools of one kind or another and once you have them its important to keep them safe and secure. If tools are not kept locked up in a toolbox they can quickly disappear. Tools kept in the home can become scattered and are easily misplaced never to be seen again. Building sites, factories and other work places present an even greater risk for tools left unattended.

Tool bags and boxes come in many designs and are usually made from either canvas, heavy duty PVC or steel. The smaller bags and boxes are ideal for transporting equipment around a building site and storing in vehicles. The small chests can be installed into the back of a van or truck. The larger ones can be used for bulk storage on building sites. We also have mobile tool boxes and an upgraded Pro X portable range. These are more suited to garages and workshops because they make tools far more accessible.


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