Testing Equipment

Using Test Meters

Those involved in electrical installations and maintenance will need testing equipment. New installations need testing before they're commissioned for use in a building. In order for them to be safe, circuits and equipment all need testing. Manufacturers provide a wide range of instruments for every test. It ensures that you are able to carry out these tests according to the regulations. We have chosen testing equipment that you can put to everyday use. (continued below)

Testers In Our Range

New technology brings new products. And, we're committed to providing the most up-to-date testing equipment available. At the bottom end of the range, there are several low-cost items. They include the simple electrical socket tester and the non-contact voltage detector. At the top is the portable appliance tester. In-between are mini, compact and general purpose multi-meters in moulded cases. There are clamp meters with jaws that fit around cables in cramped places. Also, voltage and continuity testers that are suitable for use with AC/DC voltage.

Customer Support For Test Instruments

The makers of our testing equipment understand that guidance is often needed. They realize that there are different levels of capability. No two people are the same when it comes to using instruments. Qualified electricians train to use testing equipment and record data. Others, with less or no training, may need help. Sometimes, even with the most basic of meters and their applications.

We have chosen suppliers who will provide you with the very best customer support. You will be able to ask a dedicated member of their Technical Department any questions you have. Providing specialist help is what makes the real difference. It's an essential service when it comes to choosing your equipment.


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