Testing Equipment

Using Test Meters

Those involved in electrical installations and maintenance will sooner or later require some kind of testing equipment. New installations have to be tested before they can be commissioned for use in any building. In order that they function correctly and safely it is essential that circuits and equipment are checked periodically. Manufacturers provide a wide pange of products to ensure that you are able to carry out these tests effectively. We have carefully chosen a selection of economical but good quality testers that can be put to everyday use. (continued below)

Testers In Our Range

New technology brings new products and we are committed to providing the most up-to-date equipment. At the bottom end of the range is the simple 13A power point tester and top pocket tester pen. right up to the portable appliance tester. In between are mini, compact and general purpose multimeters in moulded cases for added protection. There are clamp meters designed so the jaws fit easily around cables in cramped places. Also the voltage and continuity testers are suitable for use with AC/DC voltage and designed for easy handling.

Customer Support For Test Instruments

The makers of testing equipment fully understand that guidance is often needed in the use of their equipment. They realize that there are differing levels of capability when it comes to using the instruments. Qualified electricians may be fully trained when it comes to testing procedures and recording data. Others with less training may need help with even the most basic of meters and their applications.

To offer a level of assurance we have chosen suppliers who will provide you with the very best customer support. You will be able to ask a dedicated member of their Technical Department any questions you may have. Providing specialist help is what makes the real difference when it comes to choosing your equipment.


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