Tansun Sorrento IP Infrared Quartz Heaters

Tansun Sorrento 2kW and 3kW Heater
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The Tansun Sorrento IP SOR215, SOR220 and SOR215D Infrared Quartz Heaters can be used indoors or outdoors at any time of the year. The heat rays heat people and objects they come into contact with making them very efficient and economical. The rays do not heat the air and cannot be blown away by the wind. Because of this they are perfect for exposed locations and draughty areas.

The heaters have a modular design and are easy to install using the brackets provided. Suitable applications would be sports halls, churches, patios, retail outlets, garages, schools and factories etc.

Tansun SOR215: 1.5kW - Single Unit - 3.4kg - W430 x H228 x D323mm
Tansun SOR220: 2kW - Single Unit - 3.4kg - W430 x H228 x D323mm
Tansun SOR215D: 3kW - Double Unit - 5.6kg - W815 x H228 x D323mm
Heating Area: Minimum 13 sq metres depending on model
Lamp Life: Up to 7,000 hours
IP Rating: IP24
Mounting: Horizontal
Colour: Silver, black or white
Minimum Fixing Height: 2 metres depending on model

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