Switches and Sockets

The Electrical Accessories Range

There are many types of switches and sockets and you can see one or more types inside almost every building. Each of these ranges has been designed for a specific application. There is the standard white moulded range, the decorative metal range, the IP rated weatherproof range and the heavy duty metal clad range. All of them are extensive and will include spurs, cooker panels, telephone and co-axial outlets to name just a few. (continued below)

The White Moulded Range

The popular white moulded electrical accessories can be found in every day use in most buildings. The square corner style with sharp features and the chamfered rounded corner style with smooth profile. Both of these ranges are available from either MK Electrical or Scolmore International. They can be flush or surface mounted if required and there is a selection of white moulded pattress boxes available.

The Decorative Metal Range

The decorative metal range of accessories are available in standard and flat plate. In the brass ranges the finishes include antique brass, polished brass and satin brass. There is the popular polished chrome, satin chrome and stainless steel ranges and increasing in popularity the black nickel and pearl nickel accessories. All of the switches and sockets are elegantly designed using quality materials which will ultimately produce a clean and refreshing look. They are an important consideration when designing a room and the finish you choose will ultimately depend on the colour scheme and the furnishings in the home.

The Weatherproof Range

All the weatherproof IP rated electrical accessories provide strength and durability where it is needed most. Available in two variations to offer a choice of splash proof for use under cover, or waterproof IP56 MK Masterseal for use in exposed locations. They are ideal for use in garages, gardens and farms or other potentially dangerous areas.

The Metal Clad Range

The metal clad range of switches and sockets is the perfect choice for factories and workshops or any other location where there is heavy duty machinery. They are surface mounting with their own metal boxes for integration into PVC or steel conduit systems. They are suitable for use in any working environment where there is movement of stock and equipment. This is the area that damage to electrical accessories is most likely to take place.


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