Solid Board Access Cutter

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HOLE CUTTER - The 111mm solid board access cutter can be used for drilling holes in floorboards or sheet wooden flooring. Lifting flooring to gain access in small rooms like bathrooms and kitchens is not always possible. Drilling one access hole in an out-of-the-way place will enable you to make an inspection. You will be able to determine the spacing distance of the joists and the direction in which they run. You can then plan for a series of holes based on that inspection. It should allow you all or some access to fish cables and pipes under the floor. The hole cutter will rebate the flooring so the plastic hole covers lay flush with the floor surface.

HOLE CUTTER ARBOR - You can use either the 33-152mm hex arbor or 33-152mm SDS+ arbor (see drop down window) with the hole cutter. The 11mm hex shank arbor will fit a keyed chuck drill and the SDS+ arbor will fit a quick release SDS+ chuck.

HOLE COVERS - The 111mm hole cutter will cut a thin lip around the edge of the hole. This will allow the hole covers (see drop down window) to lay flush with the existing flooring.


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