Site Equipment

Building Site Lighting

Temporary site equipment is an essential part of the construction process. Site lighting is one of the most important of the support services. Site lighting can take many forms. There is long trailing festoon leads and twin-headed tripods. Also portable work lights and gripper light leads. Some site equipment is static and some of it is mobile.

The main festoon lighting is site wide and remains in place while work is in progress. As a safety feature festoon lighting has guards fitted to all the lampholders. That will prevent accidental contact or damage to the lamps. Also, there is a range of non-corrosive 110V fluorescent fittings. They are for ceiling or wall fixing in weathered or damp environments. Some of the smaller lights can move around the site to light dark corners. By installing the correct lighting and site equipment. It will ensure that work gets carried out in a safe environment.

Portable Site Transformers

Our site transformers are in use on construction sites all over the UK. They power festoon lights and other 110V site equipment. The transformers start from 1.0kVA. They have a 16A outlet for use with a single power tool. Some of the portable transformers come with twin outlets. That allows them to be used for lighting and a power tool at the same time.

The smaller transformers will plug straight into a 13A wall socket. You can use them almost anywhere. The larger transformers power big building sites and come with many 16A and 32A outlets. Placed in a central position. They will provide all the site equipment with power and light. As work progresses, transformers and site equipment can transfer to other areas. Or, get removed from the site altogether.

Splitter Boxes and Leads

The use of splitter boxes is common on building sites. They are an indispensable part of site equipment. They are available in both 110V and 240V versions with five-metre leads and plugs. When plugged into a site transformer. They become a wandering lead with at least four power outlets. This enables more leads to plug-in and branch away. They can run off in all directions and power site equipment in other areas. Or, they can power all your power tools and lighting close by.

There is a range of fourteen-metre extension leads with a site plug on one end and a site socket on the other. These can couple together if required. They will extend splitter box leads and other site equipment. This type of temporary installation is easy to install. It is also easy to remove when no longer needed.


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