Security Lights

Security Lighting as a Deterrent

One of the major benefits of using security lighting is that it will act as a very powerful deterrent. Security lights are one of the best preventative measures you can take against a potential burglar. Floodlighting makes criminals feel vulnerable as they are much more likely to be observed. Prowlers do not like working in well lit areas because their illegal activity is easily spotted by neighbours and people walking past. Ultimately, security floodlights will have accomplished there job if they scares burglars away and promotes a feeling of safety. (continued below)

The Installation of Security Luminaries

There are a number of security lighting products that can be used to make any property a much safer place to live or work. Careful planning will not only ensure that you choose the correct lights but also that they illuminate all the vulnerable areas. For business properties PIR floodlights can be mounted at high level, out of reach, to prevent interference and tampering. Where this is not possible, they can be protected by wire mesh guards, to provide the maximum protection from physical abuse. Around the home, lighting can be a balance of floodlighting and wall lanterns, to cover lawns and doorways. When security lighting is installed around a private residence or business, it is providing an valuable service to the occupants.

Affordable Security Wall Lights

Security lighting is a very easy and affordable way of providing a first line of defence against break-ins and unwanted visitors. One of the options is to replace existing lights with either a PIR wall lantern or bulkhead light fitted with a photo cell. Security lanterns with PIRs are a good choice because a light suddenly switching 'on' can startle and confuse would-be burglars. Alternatively, lights fitted with photo cells will switch 'on' at dusk and 'off' at dawn providing background lighting throughout the night. We have a varied range of security lights to choose from and each one can be chosen to meet the needs of the installer.


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