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Our Range Of Screws and Fixings

In the building and maintenance industry screws and fixings are everyday items. The pozidriv countersunk screws are the most popular. They're used by almost everyone at work and in the home. Like the wood screw, some fixings get used by everyone. And some are for specialist installations. Each trade has its own range of nuts, bolts, washers, screws and fixings that it always uses.

Some screws are brass and some are steel. The steel screws will have a black, zinc, galvanised or chrome plated finish. They're made in various shapes and each one has a different head. The heads can be a countersunk or pan head. And there are others including raised head and round head. The pozidriv heads are anti-slip and a favorite with most people. They are useful when working on finished surfaces or expensive equipment. (continued below)

We have listed the screws and fixings we stock with a short description of their uses.

Pozidriv Wood Screws

A very common fixing that's used with all types of wood. They're countersunk screws made from hardened steel. They have a twin thread and a sharp point for fast starting. This means you do not need to make pilot holes when used with most building materials.

Black Japan Round Head Screws

This type of fastening is often used by electricians to fix conduit boxes and trunking. The Black Japan round head has no sharp edges. Round head screws cannot slice through cables as they're pulled in during wiring.

Brass Round Head Screws

The brass round head screws are generally used outside because they do not rust. The larger variety are often used outdoors to fix bulkhead lights. They can also fix IP rated switches and sockets. The small brass round heads are for clipping bare and PVC covered MICC pyro cables. You can use brass round head screws on the inside and outside of buildings.

3.5mm Raised Head Screws

These screws will fix switches and sockets to flush or surface metal boxes. The 3.5mm raised head is available in different lengths. The long ones will fix electrical accessories to metal boxes deep in the wall.

4mm Pan Head Screws

In the electrical trade, the 4mm pan head screw is for fixing conduit box lids. You can also use them for fixing light fittings and other equipment to steel conduit boxes. There are about five different lengths. The long ones will reach conduit boxes flushed into concrete. Also, there are 4mm nuts and washers to help with other tasks.

2BA Round Head Screws

In old steel conduit installations, the conduit boxes have a 2BA thread. Some of these installations are still in place. You will find them in old buildings. Often in ceiling screeds where they're installed for lighting circuits.

Gutter Nuts And Bolts

Gutter nuts and bolts are well known for their versatility. They have a hundred and one uses. They're used by builders and contractors of every trade as well as the DIY enthusiast.

Self Tapping Screws

A range of small screws in three lengths with either pan head or countersunk head. They will self-cut a thread into small holes drilled in light metals and many other materials.


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