Redring Xpressions Premier Electric Showers

Redring Xpressions Premier XPR8
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The Redring Xpressions Premier XPR8 and XPR9 Electric Showers have a start/stop push button control. The power selector is also push button with a rotary temperature/flow for fine tuning. It has a six minute eco timer control for optional shut-down saving water and electricity. It also has a ScaleFlush feature to reduce the build up of lime scale and ensure a warm safe starting temperature. The controls are simply ''set and forget'' for perfect seasonal showering. The riser rail flexi kit with adjustable top bracket makes it easy to replace existing rails and limit decor disturbance. The handset has ''three spray patterns'' that can be easily cleaned by rubbing the spray head.

This is the first of the Redring showers to be especially designed with multi left and right side pipe and cable entry points. There is a total of 8 pipe and 6 cable points that water and power can access the connections. The electrical terminal block is moveable making it simple and convenient to connect.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For new installations use 10mm cable for both these models. Smaller cables can be affected by length of run and insulation. Always install electric showers in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. All the details on this page are only intended as a guide. Installation should be by an electrician with the necessary qualifications.

Redring: XPR8 8.5kW.
Redring: XPR9 9.5kW.
Water: Connect shower direct to mains water pipe.
Cable: 6mm to 8.5kW, 10mm to 9.5kW showers.
Wiring: Consumer unit to 45A DP switch + neon then to shower.
Switch: 45A DP plus neon.
Circuit Breaker: 40A for a 8.5kW, 45A for a 9.5kW shower.
Colour: Finished in white.
Dimensions: H335 x W225 x D102mm.

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