Redring WS7 Over Sink Water Heaters

Redring WS7 Over Sink Water Heater
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Standard WS7 Model
The Redring WS7 vented over sink water heaters will store 7 litres of hot water. The water temperature can be set between 15 - 75 deg C using the adjustable thermostat which includes a frost protection setting. They provide an economical solution to hot water storage because they are ''point of use'' heaters. This means the water does not have to travel any great distance and suffer heat loss. They can be used for washing hands, dishes and other utensils.

Economical WS7-EcoT Timer Model
The Redring WS7-EcoT vented over sink water heaters have all the benefits of the WS7 but include a 24 hour 7 day programmable time clock. The timer is flush fitted on the front of the heater for easy access. It can be set to heat water at any time during the week. To save money in business applications it can be programmed to switch off at any time including evenings and weekends.

WS7 and WS7-EcoT
Water Storage: 7 litre capacity.
Water Temperature: 15 - 75 deg C.
Water Connection: 15mm compression.
Water Outlet: 300mm swivel spout.
Housing: ABS impact resistant cover.
Operating Pressure: 0.7bar to 10bar.
Dimensions: H400 x W278 x D232mm.

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