Redring Slimline 650 Electric Showers

Redring Slimline 650 Shower
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The Redring Slimline 650 Electric Showers are available in 8.5kW and 9.5kW. The ultra slimline profile of the outer casing means they are less obtrusive in shower cubicles and bathrooms. They have push button start/stop and three settings for power selection. There is a rotary flow/temperature dial that can be set in place for future showering. They have phased shutdown which flushes hot water from the shower ensuring next user safety. They are fully temperature stabilised with overheat protection. The riser rail is white and chrome with a three spray pattern rub clean handset.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever possible a 10mm cable should be used to power both of these showers. The smaller 6mm cable can be affected by loft insulation, ducting and length of run. Electric showers must be installed as described in the manufacturers handbook. Installation requirements listed on this page are only intended as a guide. Installation must be by an electrician or other suitably qualified trades person.

Redring: R6508 8.5kW.
Redring: R6509 9.5kW.
Water: Mains water pipe connection pressure 1-10bar (14.5-145psi).
Cable: 6mm for 8.5kW, 10mm for 9.5kW.
Wiring: From consumer unit to 45A switch then on to shower.
Switch: 45A double pole switch with neon indicator.
Circuit Breaker: 40A for 8.5kW, 45A for 9.5kW.
Colour: White.
Outer Casing: Scratch resistant thermoplastic.
Dimensions: H365 x W210 x D70mm.

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