Redring Slimline 620 Electric Showers

Redring Slimline 620 8.5kW Shower
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The Redring Slimline 620 R6208 8.5kW and R6209 9.5kW Electric Showers have ultra slim profiles making them a good choice for installation into shower cubicles. They come with adjustable riser rail which allows the ''three spray settings'' handset to be quickly repositioned. They switch on/off by using the simple push button selector. Water temperature is controlled by turning the ''four power settings'' knob to the required position. Further adjustment can also be made with the flow/temperature rotary control. Once these settings have been made they can be left in place.

They have several safety features which includes overheat protection as well as being fully temperature stabilised. They use SmartTime phased shutdown which is electronic flushing of any hot water left in the shower. This limits scaling and makes sure the next user is not scalded but ensures a warm start.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A 10mm cable is preferred over a 6mm for these showers as the 6mm can be affected by the cable run. These electric shower must be installed as described in the manufacturers instructions as the details below are just for guidance. They must be installed by a qualified trades person.

Water: Mains water connection to the shower.
Cable: 6mm for 8.5kW and 10mm for 9.5kW showers.
Wiring: From consumer unit to 45A switch then on to the shower.
Local Isolation Switch: 45A DP neon.
Circuit Breaker: 40A for 8.5kW and 45A for 9.5kW showers.
Colour: All white.
Unit Slimline Dimensions: H365 x W210 x D70mm.

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