Redring Selectronic Premier Electric Showers

Redring SELP85P Selectronic Shower
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The Redring Selectronic Premier SELP85P and SELP95P Electric Showers have microprocessor management technology and many other leading features. The controls are user-friendly and designed to make operating the shower easy and straightforward. They have a range of safety devices including temperature lock, LED temperature display and phased shutdown. They look good and would be ideal for care home applications.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend a minimum 10mm cable for wiring these electric showers. They must be installed according to the manufacturers booklet by a qualified electrician.

Care Home Features
- Audible response to push button commands.
- Suitable for use by the blind and partially sighted.
- Clearly printed control identification.
- Large easy press Start/Stop button.
- Keeps temperature within plus or minus 1deg C.
- Large LED temperature display.
- Micro processor control technology.
- Pre-programming will provide constant safe water temperature.
- *Temperature Lock Mode feature.
- *Automatic flow rate water saving feature.
- *Automatic power saving feature.
- Complies with water usage per person showering.
- Phased shutdown to reduce scaling and ensure cool water start.
- Handset is rub clean with 6 spray patterns.
- RNIB endorsement.
- BEAB Care approved.
- Complies with Disabled Discrimination Act.

*Selected during installation.

Cable Entry: Through the top, bottom and back.
Pipe Entry: Through the top, bottom and back right hand side.

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