Redring SB2 Beverage Hot Water Boilers

Redring SB2 Hot Water Boiler
NOTE - Both units must be connected to cold water mains.
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The Redring RSB2.5 and RSB4 hot water boilers for beverages automatically fill with cold water as the hot water is used. The fresh water will then heat to boiling point, to provide a continuous supply of hot water at a rate of 130 cups (see below) per hour. The boilers are manufactured from high impact thermoplastic that is cool to the touch and finished in white. They have CFC free insulation to reduce heat loss and save energy. The microprocessor control monitors water level to deliver accurate water temperature. There is a scale trap to improve beverages and keep maintenance to a minimum. They have a push button to switch on and three LEDs that indicate power on, full of water and correct temperature. The quarter turn hot water tap is positioned at low level on the front for easy operation.

Installation: Over sink or drainer.
Overflow Vent: Discharge to waste.
Cold Mains Water: 15mm Compression fitting.
Working Water Pressure: Minimum 0.5bar (7psi).
Working Water Pressure: Maximum 10bar (145psi).
Electrical: 2.2kW connect to switched spur.
Output Per Hour: (2.5 Litre) 130 cups, fast draw off 15 cups.
Output Per Hour: (4 Litre) 130 cups, fast draw off 24 cups.

RSB2.5: - 2.5 Litre (4 Pints) H352 x W285 x D220mm.
RSB4: - 4 Litre (7 Pints) H352 x W285 x D220mm.

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