Redring California Plus Electric Showers

Redring California Plus Shower Unit
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The Redring California Plus CS85P 8.5kW and California Super Plus CS95SP 9.5kW Electric Showers are well known and respected by the trade. They have a push button start/stop electric solenoid. The flow is controlled by a rotary dial and temperature stabilized. The handset with hose is multi-mode so the water spray can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user. The riser rail with end brackets and soap dish enables the handset height to be quickly adjusted. The shower and riser rail are made from wipe over materials and easy to keep clean.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In our opinion it is better to use 10mm cable for both of these showers as 6mm can be affected by various factors. Installation details below are for guidance only. All electric showers must be installed according to the manufacturers instructions and will supersede any advise given here. They must be installed by a qualified tradesman.

Water: Connect shower to the mains water supply.
Cable: 6mm for the 8.5kW and 10mm for the 9.5kW.
Wiring: Cable from consumer unit to isolation switch then to shower.
Local Isolation Switch: 45 amp double pole with neon.
Circuit Breaker: 40A for the 8.5kW and 45A for the 9.5kW.
Colour: White.
Unit Dimensions: H309 x W227 x D124mm.

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