PestSenz EcoZap Electric Fly Killer

PestSenz EcoZap 26 Fly Zapper
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The PestSenz EcoZap 13, EcoZap 26 and EcoZap 39 electric fly killer is a very simple and cost effective unit for dealing with flying insects. The units can be free standing, wall mounted or they can be hung from the ceiling. They are ideal for a wide range of applications including homes and businesses.

They have a strong aluminium construction that is corrosion and scratch proof. The ABS end caps have been designed to increase visibility and therefore effectiveness. They have on/off switches and a separate electrical lead for simple disconnection. The energy saving EcoLite tubes quickly attract flies to the non-clogging killing grid. They also have a deep tray for the collection of dead flies that is easily removed for cleaning. They are CE approved.

Unit: EcoZap 13
Tube: One 13W EcoLite
Coverage: 80 Square Metres
Dimensions: W290 x H277 x D112mm

Unit: EcoZap 26
Tubes: Two 13W EcoLite
Coverage: 160 Square Metres
Dimensions: W352 x H277 x D112mm

Unit: EcoZap 39
Tubes: Three 13W EcoLite
Coverage: 120 Square Metres
Dimensions: W500 x H275 x D110mm

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