PestSenz EcoKill Plus Electric Insect Killer

PestSenz EcoKill Plus 20 Fly Killer
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The PestSenz EcoKill Plus 40 and EcoKill Plus 60 electric insect killer is designed and manufactured for use in commercial environments. They are made from stainless steel with a drop down grill for access. For safety a micro switch activates cutting power during maintenance. This makes changing tubes, emptying the tray of flies and cleaning much easier.

There are three ways the fly killer can be mounted, on the wall, hung from the ceiling or free standing on the work top. It has its own separate electrical power lead. This enables it to be disconnected and removed for inspection and repairs if necessary. They incorporate some of the latest UV technology, are very effective and easily blend with their surroundings. They have been CE marked.

Unit: EcoKill Plus 40
Tubes: Two 20W EcoLite
Coverage: 120 Square Metres
Dimensions: W380 x H260 x D110mm

Unit: EcoKill Plus 60
Tubes: Three 20W EcoLite
Coverage: 160 Square Metres
Dimensions: W540 x H260 x D110mm

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