PLTE TE 13W 18W 26W 32W 4 Pin CFL Bulbs

Radium Ralux RX-T/E 4 pin light bulbs energy saving with shaped base
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Equivalent CFLs -

Osram Dulux TE
Radium Ralux TE
GE Biax TE
Philips PLT 4 Pin
Sylvania Lynx TE 4 Pin

The miniaturized PLTE 13W TE 106mm 4 Pin GX24q-1 CFL Bulbs in two colours 830 and 840, are perfect for small downlights and other recessed luminaires where ceiling void space is limited.

The small 18W 116mm GX24q-2 bulb is supplied in two colours. They are a good choice for use in unconventional or recessed luminaires where ceiling height is limited.

The 26W 131mm GX24q-3 lamps have a four pin plug-in base to assist with correct pin to socket lamp insertion.

The 32W 147mm GX24q-3 lamp is manufactured in various colours. They will spread the light evenly because they have the same global symmetrical distribution as a standard household lamp.

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