PLSE 5W 7W 9W 11W 4 Pin 2G7 CFL Lamps

GE Biax S/E 4 pin very small single turn low energy lamp
Quality lamps improve the environment from £1.32.
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Equivalent CFLs -

Osram Dulux SE
Radium Ralux SE
GE Biax SE
Philips PLS 4 Pin
Sylvania Lynx SE 4 Pin

The PLSE 5W 85mm 4 Pin 2G7 CFL lamps in colour 827 and 840 are equal to a 25W standard bulb and can be run on ac power, solar energy or battery and be used with either high or low voltage.

With its four pin plug-in style base the 7W 114mm lamp can be used with electronic control gear and are fully dimmable when used with the correct dimming systems.

These small energy saving 9W 144mm bulbs in 840 and 827 colours can last up to ten times longer than an ordinary light bulb and will provide as much light as a 60W standard bulb.

The extremely slim 11W 214mm bulb can be used for emergency lighting systems and dimming systems in conjunction with suitable electronic control gear.

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