PLS 5W 7W 9W 11W 2 Pin G23 Fluorescent Lamps

GE Biax S 2 pin plug-in low energy bulb
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Equivalent CFLs -

Osram Dulux S
Radium Ralux S
GE Biax S
Philips PLS 2 Pin
Sylvania Lynx S 2 Pin

The PL-S 5W 108mm 2 Pin G23 fluorescent lamps are well suited to creative lighting schemes because of their limited dimensions and because they are available in three shades of white.

Supplied in various finishes the 7W 137mm lamp has fitted within the base housing their own integrated instant starter and capacitor.

These small 9W 167mm bulbs come in several white colours, they are the perfect size for use in creative lighting and other types of support lighting such as brick lights.

The miniature 11W 237mm bulb is ideal for shallow style surface or recessed luminaires and have been manufactured in an assortment of white shades.


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