PLL L 36W 40W 55W 4 Pin 2G11 Fluorescent Light Bulbs

GE Biax L 4 pin compact fluorescent light bulbs with very long return tube
Quality lamps last much longer from £2.49.
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Equivalent CFLs -

Osram Dulux L
Radium Ralux L
GE Biax L
Philips PLL
Sylvania Lynx L and LE 4 Pin

This lamp provides more options because the PLL L 36W 411mm 4 Pin fluorescent light bulbs are far more stream line and compact than similar fluorescents including circular and U shaped tubes.

The popular 40W 533mm bulb is available in colours 827, 830 and 840 have been specifically designed for 600 x 600 luminaires.

The 55W 533mm lamp has been designed for use with short-run and square surface or recessed luminaires.



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