Outdoor Lighting

The Types of Outdoor Lighting

At night some locations are in complete darkness so outdoor lighting is crucial. In most cases it is functional, helping to guide people from one place to another. Where desired creative amenity lighting schemes can be an attraction. They can be used to draw people. This type of lighting has many applications each one with its own goal. There is a choice of brick lights, drive over uplights and bollards. They are excellent for lighting steps and driveway parking. In the garden lamp posts and wall lanterns will light paths and patios. Bulkhead lights can fix to walls and ceilings for convenience lighting. But whatever the venue and the light. Providing enough lighting at any time of the year is essential. (continued below)

Where to Use Outdoor Lighting

Not all, but a large proportion of outside lighting is used outside in the open. And gets battered by all kinds of weather. Sooner or later they will be at the mercy of the wind, rain, sleet, snow and of course the sun. So, it's essential that each light is made from materials suitable for this amount of exposure. Our lights got chosen not only for their stylish designs but also their quality. There are many ways these amenity lights will benefit communal areas. Outdoor lighting can be used in gardens and parks. And, on the outside of buildings, pedestrian walkways and car parking areas. On the inside for lighting stairways and corridors. And, shopping centres and leisure centres and all kinds of public places.

Safety and Economy with Outdoor Lighting

Good lighting is the best way to prevent crime and stop accidents from occurring. After dark, amenity lights can help discourage opportunistic crime and anti-social behaviour. They can also help to promote a sense of safety and security in pedestrians. Compact fluorescent lamps are an excellent choice for use in outdoor lighting. They provide plenty of light at minimal cost. But, now there is the choice of using LEDs in our lights if required.


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