Mira Zest Electric Showers

Mira Zest 8.5kW Electric Shower
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The Mira Zest 8.5kW electric showers have eco friendly features that can save you water and energy. The stylish design means it will also enhance the look of any bathroom or shower cubical. All in all its a good choice for the environmentally friendly and those looking to upgrade.

Flow And Temp Control: Individual adjustment for the perfect shower.
Stabilised Temperature: Keeps fluctuating water temp even.
Showerhead: Four spray patterns with eco setting.
Riser Rail: Easy adjustable showerhead with one hand.
Handset Nozzles: Rub for easy clean limescale removal.

General Guide
Mira Zest: 8.5kW - 40 Amp - Cable 6mm (10mm if possible).
Colour: White with some chrome features.
Water: Minimum water pressure 70kPa (0.7 bar).
Dimensions: H310 x W205 x D103mm.

INSTALLATION: By trade person as described in the shower manual.

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