Low Voltage Bulbs

Low Voltage Bulbs - The MR16 Bulb And MR11 Bulb

The most popular of the MR lamps is the MR16 bulb and MR11 bulb. The MR stands for Multifaceted Reflector and the number is the diameter in eights of an inch.

The MR16 bulb is 16 eights (51mm) of an inch and the MR11 bulb is 11 eights (35mm) of an inch in diameter. The diameter is measured across the widest area at the front of the lamp. It is also known as the measurement across the face or bowl of the lamp.

The MR lamps are very robust. The wire coil filaments of these lamps are five times thicker than that of a mains voltage bulb. When stretched out, the filament is also much shorter in length. This allows the low voltage bulbs to have a very long life. (continued below)

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Here is a list of MR16 51mm diameter dichroic low voltage bulbs –

M268 20W 12V 10° Narrow Spot Beam
M269 20W 12V 36° Wide Flood Beam

M271 35W 12V 10° Narrow Spot Beam
M281 35W 12V 36° Wide Flood Beam

M249 50W 12V 10° Narrow Spot Beam
M250 50W 12V 24° Medium Flood Beam
M258 50W 12V 36° Wide Flood Beam
M280 50W 12V 55° Very Wide Flood Beam – more about the MR16 lamps here.


These are the smaller MR11 35mm diameter dichroic low voltage bulbs –

M200 10W 12V 36° Wide Flood Beam

M252 20W 12V 10° Narrow Spot Beam
M221 20W 12V 36° Wide Flood Beam

M265 35W 12V 10° Narrow Spot Beam
M223 35W 12V 36° Wide Flood Beam – more about the MR11 lamps here.

Dichroic Lamps Or Aluminium Reflector Lamps

The MR11 bulb is a dichroic lamp. The MR16 bulb can be either a dichroic lamp or aluminium lamp. The dichroic lamps and the aluminium reflector lamps look identical.

The dichroic lamps allow heat to pass straight through the back of the lamp, but reflects light forward. One of the benefits of this is that they produce a light beam with a cool temperature. That makes them perfect for use where you have staff working right underneath.

The cool beam of the dichroic lamps will protect sensitive materials on display in shop windows or around the home. On the other hand, the aluminium reflector lamps will reflect forward both the heat and the light.

MR 12V Light Bulbs – Wattages And Beam Angles

The power rating of the MR16 bulb will usually range from 20 to 50 watts and the MR11 bulb from 10 to 35 watts. The beam angles start at ‘spot’ and go right up to ‘very wide flood’. This gives you the choice of a pencil-thin beam of light or a wide illuminating flood beam.

But, whatever the beam angle, the light will be bright and crisp.

Because they are 12V light bulbs, you will need a transformer to reduce the mains voltage. The use of dimmable transformers and low voltage dimmers can also have its advantages. It will give you full control over the brightness and effect of the lighting.

The G4 Bulb And GY6.35 Bulb

A range of low voltage halogen bulbs that come in two sizes. They include the G4 bulb and GY6.35 bulb. They are also known as a G4 capsule and GY6.35 capsule, both of which are available in several wattages.

These low voltage bulbs are very small which enables them to fit into places that other lamps cannot. They have allowed lighting manufacturers to produce elegant wall and ceiling lights. At one time, these small artistic light fittings would have been out of the question.

How To Identify Your Halogen Capsule Bulbs

If you are in doubt about which of the two halogen capsule bulbs you need, there are several ways you can find out. The lampholders and capsules should be clearly marked with the wattage and either a G4 or GY6.35 stamp. However, these markings do fade over time and become invisible to the human eye.

If they have disappeared, you can take a measurement of your capsule if you have one. The G4 bulb will measure 4mm between the pins and be about 33mm long. The GY6.35 bulb will be 6.35mm between the pins and about 44mm in length.

If you do not have a lamp, you can measure the space between the pin holes in one of the lampholders. This will quickly establish which one of the two halogen capsule bulbs you need. All you have to do now is work out the wattage.

Popular sizes for the G4 bulb would be 10W and 20W. The GY6.35 bulb could be 20W, 35W, 50W or 100W. If you are unable to see the wattage on the lamp, the maximum wattage should be printed on the light fitting.

Here is a list of G4 and GY6.35 capsule low voltage bulbs -

M9 5W 12V G4
M91 10W 12V G4
M47 20W 12V G4 – find out about the G4 lamps here.

M76 20W 12V GY6.35
M75 35W 12V GY6.35
M32 50W 12V GY6.35
M73 75W 12V GY6.35
M180 90W 12V GY6.35
M28 100W 12V GY6.35 – more about the 20W, 35W, 50W and 75W, 90W and 100W GY6.35 lamps here.

Inserting Halogen Capsule Light Bulbs Into Lampholders

When removing these low voltage bulbs from the packaging the glass parts should not be touched by bare hands. Natural body oil transfer from the hands to a lamp can reduce its life. When removed from their boxes the halogen capsule light bulbs may be in sealed paper wraps.

By holding the body of the lamp in one hand, the end of the wrap is cut off. The capsule lamp is then squeezed out of the wrap and inserted straight into the lampholder. If you have to handle these low voltage bulbs always pick them up by the pins and hold the glass body in a piece of tissue.


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