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Our Range of Bulbs

As you know light bulbs come in all shapes and sizes and on this page there are 20 variations. All of these lamps have been designed for a specific lighting purpose. For instance GU10 flood lighting bulbs can be used to illuminate displays, candles can be used for decorative, T8 fluorescent tubes for large open areas and CFL low energy bulbs for amenity areas.

There are many other applications in which they can be used and these applications will increase and improve as new ranges are introduced. We believe it is very important to stock branded lamps where possible because to us quality and reliability are of the highest importance. (continued below)

Find Your Bulbs

Finding the light bulbs you require is easier than you may at first think, even though many of the wide range available appear unfamiliar. Start by looking at the pictures in the boxes until you find your bulb or a resemblance to the bulb you are looking for, you will then see some information on wattage and colour to help you.

When you are sure you have found your bulbs, click on the picture and there you will find one or more for you to choose. By clicking on the 'more button' you will find additional information to assist you. From the drop down windows there are several wattages and the shades of white of the lamps available. It's as easy as that.

The Better Option

More and more eco-friendly lamps are being used as they are introduced by the manufacturers. These new bulbs tend to steer towards low energy but there are some that remain in the standard format, with reduced wattages and clear glass to increase light output. But generally by using the low energy fluorescent light bulbs you would have chosen the better option providing size is not an issue.

Low energy bulbs will use less power than the low voltage dichroic MR16 bulb of equivalent brightness and last much longer. This means they will need to be changed far less frequently, so where large quantities of lamps are in use, considerable labour savings are possible.

Manufacturers like Osram Lamps and GE Lighting are two of the major brands that we stock. There are others that you will recognize such as Radium Lamps and Philips Lighting. They all produce quality products along with all the technical information that is sometimes required.


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