Lawson NIT 2A - 32A HRC Fuse

Lawson NIT 2A - 32A HRC Fuse
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The Lawson NIT2 2A HRC fuse link BS88 Part 2 1988 will fit into a range of consumer unit holders and provide protection under short circuit conditions.

The NIT4 4A fuses to BS88 1988 are for use in industrial type consumer units offering suitable protection to electrical sub-circuits.

The NIT6 6A fuse is used for the protection of lighting circuits in commercial and industrial installations.

The NIT10 10A fuses link is for use with consumer units and the protection of lighting circuits and other low rated sub-circuits.

The NIT16 16A fuse types gG are ideal for the protection of medium sized circuits such as radials controlling immersion heaters etc.

The Lawson NIT20 20A 415V HRC fuses can be used with fused gear to protect final circuits on single socket installations.

The NIT25 25A offset tag fuse Part 2 1988 can be used in either switchfuses or consumer units to protect sub circuits in medium size commercial installations.

The NIT32 32A 415V HRC BS88 fuses are for ring main and other power circuit protection in commercial and industrial buildings.

44.5mm fixing centres.
Boxed in 10 sold each.

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