Lawson GTIA 2A - 32A Link Fuse

Lawson GTIA 2A - 32A Link Fuse
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The Lawson GTIA2 2A HRC ASTA 20 link fuse conforms to all the revised regulations of BS88 Part 2 1988 together with BS88 Part 1 1988.

The GTIA4 4A 415V offset tag fuse links are mainly for commercial applications and comply with standard BS88 Part 2 1988.

The GTIA6 6A fuses conform to the BS88 standard and in doing so keeps all of its previous qualities and additionally improves its performance.

The GTIA10 10A fuses are not changed in any way with the introduction of the new standard BS88 Parts 1 and 2 1988, and can be used wherever the new standard applies.

The GTIA16 16A 415V ASTA 20 CERT fuse link to BS88 contains a range of standards that make it easier to choose a fuse to meet circuit requirements.

The GTIA20 20A 415V fuses have a gG classification inline with the IEE wiring regulations and in consideration with the IEC 364 Electrical Installation of Buildings.

The GTIA25 25A 415V HRC fuse are in compliance with all the relevent IEE and IEC 364 wiring and buildings regulations.

Tests have shown the Lawson GTIA32 32A fuse has suitable pre-arcing values in the lower section of the accepted range.

73mm fixing centres.
10 per box sold singularly.

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