LED Light Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs or LED Luminaires - what's best for you?

There are two ways to go if you are thinking of upgrading to LED lighting. The first is to replace all your existing light fittings with new LED luminaires. The second is to change your old style lamps for the new LED light bulbs. Both are worth considering but a decision will depend on a couple of things.

One would be the condition of your existing lighting and the other your budget. If your lighting is in good condition, there is little point in upgrading. There is no doubt that changing old lamps and tubes for LEDs would be easier and cheaper. First, you would not have the inconvenience of the installation of new LED light fittings. Second, you would not have the expense of buying and the cost of fitting the new LED lighting either. (continued below)

Deciding on LED Light Bulbs or LED Luminaires!

Buying LED light fittings can be a huge investment compared to LED lamp replacement. Even though LED lighting has taken off. Most buildings are still lit by conventional technologies. And, you can be sure it will remain that way for some time to come.

There will be no shortage of LED light bulbs for these existing light fittings. Because most of these old light fittings are able to accept the new LED light bulbs and tubes. So, if your lighting is in good condition, it makes sense to take the LED light bulb re-lamp route.

Keeping Your Existing Luminaires

Some business owners will have good reasons for keeping their existing light fittings. They may already have hi-tec luminaires with many years of life left in them. Their existing lighting may perfectly match the design and decor of their building. All the work put in by the original lighting designers would be wasted if they were removed. In such cases, it is understandable the owners would want to keep their existing lighting.

Retro-fitting LED light bulbs into existing light fittings has many benefits. One is that you can change them to decrease or increase the wattage and alter the amount of light. It can be done at any time according to your needs. That's not an easy thing to do with some compact fluorescent lamps. Secondly, you will be able to pick a colour temperature from as many as four different colours. When buying LED light fittings, you will probably be offered a choice of two temperatures.

It becomes obvious that retaining existing lighting where possible is beneficial. Then, fitting LED light bulbs of your desired wattage and colour should be easy.

LED Light Bulbs will be the First Choice for Most People

There is no doubt that retro-fitting LED lamps in place of standard lamps is a viable option. Spending a few pounds on an LED is much cheaper than buying a new LED light fitting. Understandably, many people will see a lamp change in favor of LEDs the preferred choice.

The benefits of changing to LED lighting is well documented and accepted. LED light bulbs are far more efficient than any of the other light bulbs available. The benefits include extended bulb life and reduced energy costs. Plus, an enhanced environmental experience with less maintenance required.

LED light bulbs will become evermore popular until they are in use in every home and business. I have listed the most popular LEDs below so you know exactly what is available. You should find, there is an LED lamp to replace every one of your existing incandescent light bulbs.


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