Industrial Lighting

Several Industrial Luminaries

We provide a choice of industrial lighting fittings that should serve all the needs of the various organizations. Although in the past it has not always been a priority, now the design of industrial luminaries is uppermost in the manufacturers' minds. Factories, warehouses and storage facilities now demand modern luminaires to match their equally modern interiors. As well as the outstanding designs, of equal consideration is the wide areas illuminated by this type of lighting. Well lit open areas are less likely to become the scene of accidents, but more likely to increase productivity. (continued below)

High Performance Works Lighting

The quality of the lighting in an industrial environment, should be sufficient to enable the staff, to work in a safe and productive manor. The lighting should always be good enough, to ensure that each and every task, is carried out comfortably and without difficulty. Industrial lighting will provide adequate light to enhance visibility and help support these overall working conditions. High performance lighting can also lower work fatigue, which is sure to increase safety, by reducing errors and mishaps.

Where Industry Light Fittings are Used

Industrial light fittings are used in many different working environments both indoors and outdoors. They are very robust and designed for installation into the most demanding and difficult areas. From loading bays to aircraft hangers, industrial luminaries are the main source of light for this type of space. Where ceilings are low, they can be fixed direct to the ceiling and for higher ceilings they are hung on jack chain. We have a variety of fluorescent fittings for factories, non-corrosive fluorescent for loading bays, high bay and low bay warehouse lighting to fulfil individual needs.


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