Hygiene Supplies

Hygiene Products Reduce Infectious Diseases

Our hygiene supplies section has products that will raise the level of cleanliness. High levels of cleanliness will reduce the transmission of infectious diseases. There are many strategies that can be put into place. Plans that will reduce any risks at work and in the home. Keeping the spread of germs low is a sensible policy to follow. Colds and flu are responsible for thousands of lost working days every year. Two of the best products helping to lower the threat are hand dryers and fly killers. (continued below)

Hygiene Equipment Manufacturers

We have a wide range of hand dryers in the hygiene supplies section. They're manufactured by Airvent, Deta, Redring, Heatrae Sadia, Vent Axia, and Dyson. Hand dryers are available for low, medium and heavy-duty use. There is also a range of fly killers from Pestwest and HQ Hygiene Supplies. The fly killer manufacturers also have an in-depth range of product. They will cater for use in domestic, as well as commercial kitchens and dining areas. These hygiene products are competitively priced, simple to install and cheap to run.

Hygiene Advantages for High-Risk Locations

There are many high-risk areas where hygiene supplies would be of benefit. The careful placement of these products in areas known to be at risk would be of great benefit. Popular public areas such as airports, shopping centres or hotels. And, major train stations are all areas of concern. Toilets, washrooms, kitchens and anywhere that food gets prepared is most vulnerable. It's areas like this that need protection.


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