Flood Lights

The Main Benefits of Flood Lights

Universities, museums and monuments all look good with flood lights pointing at them. Sports centres, businesses and houses can also look inviting when lit up. Lighting is very important for businesses or homeowners that live in large houses. It can help to keep properties safe from burglars and vandals. It will also enhance the features of a building. And provide essential amenity lighting. Floodlighting is inexpensive to run. Especially when used in conjunction with PIRs and photocells. One flood light can illuminate a large area. Even though the wattage of some lamps is very low. (continued below)

Areas to use Flood Lights

At night, it is common to see flood lights illuminating large buildings in towns and cities. Floodlighting can also light up large car parks, playing fields and gardens. Flood lights are very versatile, they can be wall mounted, floor mounted or mounted on posts. They have adjustable fixing brackets that enable them to point in any direction. Whatever the building or the landscape, they will help improve the surroundings.

Types of Flood Lights

In our range, we have the older tungsten halogen flood lights. And the compact fluorescent energy saving flood lights. They are both very popular. The metal halide, son and mercury floodlighting options also have their place. Each one will have specific advantages over the other. It will all depend on the application. Often different effects are needed for different locations. That can be achieved with careful selection of the light fitting. The lamp colour can also play an important part in the desired results. By the careful combination of the two, the correct effect will be achieved.


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