Fire Detection

Smoke And Heat Alarms

In the home, fire detection can start with just a smoke or heat alarm. Battery operated smoke alarms are inexpensive and can be installed and operational in just a few minutes. Mains voltage smoke and heat detectors can be wired and linked together to provide a wide area of alert to fire. The mains voltage systems now have wireless capability so the detectors are activated by a transmitted signal. This involves fitting the detectors to electronic bases but eliminates the need to hard wire them together. (continued below)

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Poisonous carbon monoxide gas can be produced if appliances have been incorrectly installed or a flue has become blocked. Any product burning gas, wood, oil, coal or petrol is able to produce the deadly fumes so great care should be taken. Kidde Fyrnetics manufacture carbon monoxide alarms that will help protect householders and their families from the odourless gas. In the event of a detector being activated, it is advisable to turn off all appliances and call a local engineer.

Fire Extinguishers And Fire Blankets

Small fires can sometimes break out in the home as well as in vehicles especially after road accidents. Small fires can quickly engulf a room and spread to other parts of the building if they are not promptly smothered. Having a fire extinguisher close by is one of the measures you can take for dealing with fires effectively. Another option is the use of a fire blanket to put out hot pan fires and prevent re-ignition. Both of these fire fighting products are compact, wall mountable and very easy to use.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm installations are early warning systems designed to alert the occupants of a building that a fire has started. Cooper Fire equipment is available in kits or as individual component parts allowing you to customize the alarm to suit your needs. These systems are ideal for providing a fire detection facility in smaller buildings. Once installed they are easy to operate and should provide many years of service when maintained correctly.


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