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The design and manufacture of extractor fans have come a long way in the last 50 years. Companies such as Xpelair, Vent-Axia and Airvent now produce a fan for every reason. Whether it's a domestic, commercial or industrial need. One of these manufacturers will be able to provide the solution to the problem. They're known all over the world and lead the way in both style and technology. That ensures quality, reliability and fresh air. They conform to the building regulations. And, address all the environmental issues as well as being installer friendly. (continued below)

Domestic Fans

Domestic extractor fans are now in common use in most homes. They can be wall, ceiling and window mounted. And, used in the bathroom, shower room, toilet, kitchen and utility room. Every model has several versions. They include standard, pullcord operation, overrun timer, automatic PIR and low voltage. There is also a range of products to assist with installation. There are grills, wall kits, window kits and ducting.

Humidity can build up in bathrooms and moisture will settle on walls, windows and units. Kitchens are in constant use and produce heat, steam and the smells of the meals cooked. Well sited extractor fans will prevent condensation and expel hot air. As well as stop any cooking odours circulating around the house.

Commercial Fans

Commercial extractor fans are essential for comfortable working environments. Offices, schools, shops and restaurants all benefit when extractor fans are in use. Wherever people congregate, there is the possibility of health issues arising. So it is important that fans are in place to remove stale and contaminated air. There are controllers to manage individual or groups of fans. That includes their speed and direction.

Industrial Fans

Industrial extractor fans provide a safe and healthy environment at work. They are very effective at removing large volumes of air. That reduces exposure to fumes, vapours and other substances. Efficient ventilation is essential for reducing exposure to any of these risks. There is a range of plate, roof and inline industrial extractor fans. And, a variety of controls and associated accessories. Once installed access for cleaning, maintenance and documented inspection is essential.


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