Extension Leads

Telephone Extension Leads

In offices and in the home telephones sometimes need moving. By using extension leads it is possible to move them considerable distances. Because they're made in five different lengths. It is possible to move them up to twenty metres with a single lead. Much shorter lengths are available. But they are for telephones moving only a short distance. There is also a selection of telephone and modem adapters. They will provide more options if required. (continued below)

Trailing Socket Extension Leads

You can use the 4-way extension lead and 6-way extension lead at home. You can also use them in the office and almost everywhere else. They have become so popular that everyone will use one at some time. They are ideal for use in buildings where 13A wall sockets are in short supply. There are never enough wall sockets available in offices. So, extension leads are essential. They will allow you to run many pieces of office or household equipment from a single socket. They're either a temporary measure or if you wish a permanent installation.

Cable Drum Extension Leads

There are several types of wind-up cable drum extension leads. They include the cable cassette, open cable drum and semi-enclosed drum. They're manufactured in 110V and 240V. They are for use with power tools, site lighting and other equipment. They're used by electricians, plumbers, carpenters and other tradesmen. They useful where mains electrical power is needed outside. The leads will run up to fifty metres out from the nearest socket outlet. They can be wound up when not in use. Then stored away until the next time they're required.


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