Extension Cable Reel

The 16A 110V extension cable reel has two sockets so they can run one or two items at the same time. They can run two power tools or a power tool and a light lead. They are designed for use by tradesmen on building sites where the power supply is predominantly 110V. The rotary handle means they are easy to wind up and store away when not needed.

16A 110V Cassette Cable Reelmore...

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13A 240V Cassette Cable Reelmore...

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110V Extension Leadmore...

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The 13A 240V extension cable reel can be used at home by the DIY fan or at work by tradesmen. They are considered an essential tool by most people as everyone will need one at sometime. They can be used to extend the lead on a lawnmower or electric drill. The cassette design with handle means they can quickly be wound up and put away.

The yellow 110V extension lead is a familiar sight to those who work on building sites. They are made from artic grade flex with a plug on one end and a socket on the other. If necessary, they can be coupled togeather to make very long extension leads. Alternatively, they can be plugged straight into a transformer and act as an extension to a power tool lead.


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