Electronic Ballast

When Changing An Electronic Ballast

Always replace an electronic ballast with EXACTLY THE SAME as the one removed. This will ensure a quick changeover with no extra work needed. An alternative ballast could be a different size. It may not fit into the space left by the original. If it does fit, it may mean re-drilling the light fitting to make new fixings to secure it. Also, an alternative may not have the same amount of electrical connections. This could mean extending or making adjustments to the wiring in the light fitting. You should not attempt to do this type of work unless you are a qualified electrician. (continued below)

Our Range Of Electronic Ballast

The brands of electronic ballast we stock are well known to the electrical trade. These brands have many years experience manufacturing basic and advanced high-quality products. From the standard Osram QTP8 ballast that's used with the T8 fluorescent tubes. To the Osram QTi DALI DIM ballast for T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes. This electronic ballast has advanced features. They include superior dimming and intelligent lamp detection.

See Our Ballasts
A. Ballasts and Chokes (Discontinued Items)
B. Tridonic PC T8 PRO for T8 Tubes
C. Osram HF DIM for T8 Tubes
D. Osram QT ECO for CFLs and Tubes
E. Osram QT for CFLs, T2 and T5 Tubes
F. Osram QT DIM for DE and TE CFLs
G. Osram QTi for T5 HE and HO Tubes
H. Osram QTi DIM for CFLs, HE and HO T5 Tubes
I. Osram QTi DALI DIM for CFLs and Tubes
J. Osram QTIS e for T8 Tubes
K. Osram QTP-DL for L and F CFLs
L. Osram QTP5 for HO and HE T5 Tubes
M. Osram QTP8 for T8 Tubes

Modern ECG For Fast Installation

There are many advantages that modern equipment has over the old style control gear. A modern electronic ballast does not need an external starter. Because ignition voltage gets generated internally. There is also no need for wiring a remote capacitor into the luminaire circuit. Without these two components, the circuitry is simple, making installation faster and easier.

Big Savings With Electronic Control Gear

Electronic control gear provides savings on power of about 25%. That's the huge saving when compared with older control gear. And, they protect fluorescent lamps by preheating their electrodes to extend their life. Preheating allows constant switching of fluorescent lamps throughout their life. That's without damaging the lamp or the electronic ballast. So reduces the need for spending on maintenance work.


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