Electrical Enclosures

Electrical Multi-Purpose Boxes

We have a range of electrical enclosures for joining cables and mounting controls. There is the weatherproof box in plastic. Adaptable metal box in black or galvanised. And the steel electrical cabinet. You can use them for joining cables when used with the appropriate connectors. They all provide physical protection for switches and meters. They also act as a safeguard from electrocution. Some are for use indoors and some for use outside in most kinds of weather. They come in hundreds of different shapes and sizes and are all made to a very high standard. (continued below)

Weatherproof Box

The weatherproof box is a small enclosure for joining cables. They also protect the cables from damage. Because they all have IP ratings they also provide protection from dust and moisture. The boxes can be round, square or rectangular. With, either a standard, raised or transparent lid. There are many configurations for you to consider. These electrical enclosures are able to accommodate a wide range of electrical components.

Adaptable Metal Box

In steel conduit installations, adaptable boxes distribute conduits in many directions. They are available with plain sides or with 20mm knockouts to allow for conduit entry. You can customise the plain sided boxes by cutting 20mm and 25mm holes. That will enable them to accept large and small conduits as desired. They are available in both black enamel and galvanised. There is a range of rubber lid gaskets to fit most boxes. These electrical enclosures are not weatherproof. Never use them outside for any electrical installations.

Electrical Cabinet

One of the best ways to mount electrical equipment is inside a steel electrical cabinet. This is especially true if the apparatus needs monitoring or inspecting. A hinged door will allow access to view, take readings or replace faulty items. Also, because these electrical enclosures are lockable. Access will only be for specific individuals.


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