Electric Water Heaters

Small, Medium and Large Electric Water Heaters

At home, at work and at play, everyone needs hot water. There are instant hand wash electric water heaters for areas where space is limited. There are also oversink and undersink water storage heaters for medium demand applications. Also in the range for more sizable properties, there are the large cylinder heaters. They are for use where heating and hot water's needed. Some of the heaters can be small and some very large. Whatever your needs may be, we have a heater for you. (continued below)

Leading makes of Water Heating Products

Dimplex, Redring, Santon, Mira, Zip and Triton are among the makes we stock. They are the leading brands of electric water heaters. They are all well known within the building trade and by those who install them. Many can heat water instantly. Some heat and store hot water for use as and when it's required. They heat up quickly and maintain a constant temperature. They feature all the latest technology, are energy efficient, quiet, safe and reliable. They all follow the latest building regulations.

Use anywhere Electric Water Heaters

Toilets, kitchens, hair salons and canteens are a few of the places hot water heaters get used. Most of the time they're hidden away. Installed out of sight in garages, cupboards or under worktops. Or, depending on the electric water heaters. Fixed in full view at worktop level over kitchen sinks or basins. They operate in the background almost unnoticed. Where they provide an endless supply of hot water. Whether they're for washing hands or washing up kitchen utensils, they are essential to us all.


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