Electric Heaters

A Heater for Every Room

There are electric heaters for every room, not just for lounges, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens. We have a wide range for attics, utility rooms and airing cupboards as well. For the outside or for utility rooms such as greenhouses, conservatories and patios, there is also a range available. Each one of these heaters has specific design features that makes it unique and suitable for the area it will heat.

Some heaters like portable fan heaters are designed to give rapid sometimes short term warmth. Others, like slim line panel heaters, would be more suited to low profile background heating. For outdoors there are floor or wall mounted infrared heaters ideal for use in gardens and shopping arcades. So if it's just heating one room or every room, there is a wide range to choose from and one of them is sure to match your exact needs. (continued below)

Low Cost Easy Installation

Electric space heaters from Companies like Dimplex are relatively inexpensive when compared with alternative heating systems. Creda heaters are much the same and just as easy to install. Floor standing models can simply be removed from the box and plugged straight into a wall socket. The wall mounted variety can be connected to a local spur or socket that has been wired in from the nearest power source. This means electric heaters can be up and running very quickly, with the minimum of disruption.

There is far less outlay in time and materials to achieve the same goals as that of gas central heating. Because of this and the fact they require very little maintenance, new build homes and offices have been incorporating electrical powered heaters into their structures for many years.

Cheap, Clean, Safe and Renewable Energy

Electric heating is already cheaper than gas central heating. As supplies of fossil fuels run low, the price of gas will rise even higher. Therefore, when today's costs or the costs of tomorrow are taken into consideration, electric powered heaters are a clear winner. It's also much cleaner and safer because fuel is not burnt inside the heater. This eliminates any possibility of explosions or carbon monoxide poisioning.

Renewable energy sources are the preferred choice. As more and more low carbon supplies are made available, electric heaters will eventually become the way of the future.


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