Electric Cables

Wide Range Of Cable

The range of electric cables is extensive and we have listed some of the more popular ones below. There is a selection for domestic, commercial and industrial use. We have house wiring cable and flex, some for networking and communication and a range of heavy duty cables. Several have protection and can be used outside and the remainder would be suitable for use indoors. Some can be clipped on walls and most can be pulled into conduits. Others can be run under floorboards, through trunking or enclosed within channelling. (continued below)

6242YH Twin And Earth

Mostly used in domestic house wiring, the twin and earth cable is made in seven sizes. It is used for lighting, power and cooker circuits and can be used in floor spaces or clipped direct to joists.

6491X Single Core

Available in six sizes, the 6491X cable is for use in conduit and trunking systems. Some of the larger green and yellow sizes are used for cross bonding in domestic electrical installations.

PVC Flexible

Manufactured in five sizes with either two, three, four or five cores. The flexible range is ideal for use in a number of wiring applications including lighting pendants, pump wiring and central heating controls.

6181Y Meter Tails

A single core double insulated cable often used as meter tails to connect the consumer unit to the electric meter in domestic installations. It can also be used in other installations where extra protection is required.


Commonly used for aeriel, cable television and digital satellite installations but co-axial is also used in computer network and CCTV wiring.


Used for the wiring of telephone extensions and door entry systems, the telephone cable is available in various configurations including two pair, three pair, four pair and six pair.


For the wiring of security systems in domestic and commercial properties. This high quality alarm cable is available in four core, six core, eight core and twelve core.

Low Voltage

Ideal for the wiring of low voltage lighting circuits, the low voltage cable is manufactured using high grade copper for a superior performance.

Bell Wire

Battery and transformer powered door bells and chimes can be installed using bell wire in short runs especially for battery powered systems.

Steel Wire Armoured

Available in three or four core and in six sizes, the SWA can be used outside or inside. It can be used underground or fixed directly to walls for supplying anything from garden sheds to factory units.

Above is a small selection of the most common electric cables used to provide the necessary electrical services to and within domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. They range from some of the smallest to some of the largest, all of which have been designed for a particular undertaking. We will continue to expand the range where possible and look forward to receiving your enquiries.


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