Domestic Appliances

Appliances for Home and Work

The household appliance range of products is wide and varied, it can include some very small, medium and large items. There are kitchen items that include toasters, coffee makers and kettles for making hot drinks. A range of vacuum cleaners for light and heavy duty applications. There is also a range of personal care items for men and women. Domestic appliances not only make life easier at home but also at work. They make hygiene, cleaning and the cooking of food and preparation of drinks much quicker and simpler. (continued below)

Choose Branded Appliances

To get the maximum benefit from these appliances it is important to spend time choosing a dependable brand. We stock some of the world's most recognisable brands including Morphy Richards, Numatic, Russell Hobbs and Kenwood. With these products being manufactured in 'state of the art' factories, their life expectancy has been vastly improved. Advanced equipment and techniques has enabled the manufacturer to produce them faster and cheaper than ever before. Energy efficiency is a major consideration in this process and has been a very important factor in the overall design.

Safety with Small Appliances

Because most domestic appliances are portable, safety features have had an important role to play in their development. The well known brands are better quality than the cheaper unbranded products. They are usually heavier with more stability and less likely to be knocked over. However, as with all electrical equipment basic safety procedures should be followed at all times.


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