Distribution Boards

Rotary Switches

In our distribution boards section, we have a range of IP rated rotary-style switches. They're used for both indoor and outdoor applications. They're made from heavy-duty materials to prevent damage in working environments.

Because they have a remarkable resistance to high impacts. They have many uses to which they can apply. They are available in two, three and four pole with ratings between 16A and 125A. They have either a grey or yellow finish. (continued below)

Wylex Switch Fuse and Isolator Range

The Wylex switch fuse range are for household and commercial circuit protection. The switch fuses include SP&N switches up to 60A for the insulated units. And 100A for the metal-clad version. They're designed for re-wirable and cartridge fuses. But, the 45A units will accept plug-in MCBs. The 45A units can be down-rated to accommodate a lower circuit load by changing the fuse or MCB. They are perfect for cooker or shower circuits. Or for switching and protecting sub-main circuits in buildings. There is also a TPN isolator with four switched poles.

MEM Isolators And Switched Fuses

The MEM isolators and switch fuses are two of the most popular distribution boards in use today. Isolators will disconnect circuits to machinery or other equipment. Switch fuses will safeguard installations where circuit protection is a priority. These distribution boards are available in four ratings. So, there will be one to cover your every need. MEM are the preferred choice of the electrician for electrical intake applications.

MK Sentry Consumer Units

Consumer units are not always installed out of sight in cupboards. Sometimes they end up in full view. At times, in kitchens or hallways or other prominent locations. But, the stylish curved edges and magnolia finish of the MK Sentry units means they go unnoticed. This low profile range of units will blend well regardless of the surroundings. There is a wide range of self-build and pre-assembled units for flush and surface mounting. This allows you the option to make up your own units. Or, choose a factory assembled model to save installation time. MK distribution boards are well known to the trade and general public where they are a trusted brand.


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