Dimplex QXD Quartz Heaters

Dimplex QXD Quartzray Heaters
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The Dimplex QXD1500 and QXD3000 Infrared Quartz Heaters include ruby red halogen lamps that produce a warm glow. They are ideal for heating areas with high ceilings that would normally be considered unheatable. Quartz heaters send a beam of radiant heat that cannot be blown away. The short wavelength of the energy discharged enables the heat to travel more efficiently. Just like the rays from the sun they heat anything they contact. The heating of staff and customers is instantaneous and the ''throw'' of heat is much further.

Suitable applications would be churches, factories, loading bays, halls, warehouses and much more.

Dimplex QXD1500: 1.5kW Single Lamp (H256 x W440mm) (3.7kg)
Dimplex QXD3000: 3kW Double Lamp (H380 x W440mm) (4.3kg)
Lamps: Ruby red sleeved halogen
Finish: Matt black
Construction: Powder coated steel
Hazardous Zones: Not for use in hazardous or dusty areas
Minimum Mounting Height: (QXD1500 2.1 metres) (QXD3000 2.5 metres)

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