Dimplex Plinth Heater BFH24BWST BFH24BWSR

flush fitting low level plinth fan heater
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The Dimplex Plinth Heater BFH24BWST and BFH24BWSR range are ideal for concealing into shop display units, fascias, fitted furniture and the base of kitchen units. The heaters are available in switched and unswitched versions and each comes with three front cover plates in white, dark brown and stainless steel.

Switched version - switches are on the front of the heater.
Unswitched version - a switch control panel is supplied with 2.5 metres of 6 core cable so that it can be positioned in a place convenient to control the heater.

Key Features.
2.4 kW with switching for 1600W and 800W.
Adjustable thermostat for room temperature.
Neon power ''on'' indicator.
Cool air fan only switch position.
Automatic safety thermal cut out.
2 metres 3 core cable with switched models.
2.5 metres 6 core cable with unswitched models.
White, dark brown and stainless steel front plates included.

Height - 120mm
Width - 500mm
Depth - 210mm



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